Based on a cheap and sentimental ceramic ornament from the past, with only  “foreign” stamped on it’s base as identification.

Looking at its innocent appearance and it is almost forgotten nature. I tell a new story so it is looked upon in a new light. Through resizing and leaving the marks from the process, a contradictory tale of neglect and decay is set against one of glorification.

My work is concerned primarily with a range of processes involved in ceramic production. I want to reveal these processes and leave visible traces of making for the viewer

to see and contemplate. The qualities achieved through scanning, CNC milling and mould making are accentuated through the application of glaze and colour. The seams

left in place on the work are intended to show integrity of production and reveal the journey

in which the objects came to life.

In these works I am celebrating these beautiful qualities that sit comfortably with other types of handmade ceramic tradition in which the traces of the making are left visible and celebrated.

The delicate glazing accentuates the industrial marks and creates an artificial light source, which goes hand in hand with the manufactured processes.